Our family decided to begin farming having no experience.  We started researching how to farm in 2020 and began our farm Isidore Acres in 2022.  We bought our first Texas Longhorns in the summer of 2022, but were presented with the opportunity to purchase a herd of Red Angus and barnyard mixes later in the year to make our herd explode earlier than planned.  Our herd is not given vaccines and only given antibiotics and medical treatments when necessary.  Our goal is to grow a herd that will not need any medications to survive.  Our grass fat cows taste like beef and are humanely treated until it is time to serve their purpose. Our pastures are organically fertalized and rotationally grazed to ensure that the salad bar is available most of the year for our cows to feast. We spend time with our cows to ensure you receive the best quality available. 

We provide pasture raised, organically fed chicken eggs all year with a limited supply during the winter due to the colder temperatures.  Our chickens have free range of 35 fenced in acres to get all the bugs and vegetables that they desire. We supliment their forage with organic chicken feed and only lock them up at night to keep them safe. You will not find fresher more humanely created eggs anywhere. We will soon be raising chickens for meat on our pastures ensuring that they will have access to the best forage and feed available until it's time for them to serve their purpose.